Retail Shelf Planner

Simple and affordable planogram software

Does that sound familiar to you?

  • Creating planograms is a time-consuming process performed in Excel, graphical software or even by taking pictures of actual shelves

  • Planograms do not include sales data of products so they can't be analyzed

  • Professional solutions for building planograms are too complex and costly

We propose a solution!

Retail Shelf Planner is a powerful, but simple and affordable solution that helps even smaller companies to achieve significant results!

Its benefits have already been valued by retailers and manufacturers in around 25 countries:

  • Simplicity: installation and user training can be done in just 1 day. You could build your first planogram and send it to a store the same day!

  • Affordability: annual subscription starting from 83 euro per month (not including VAT) per user. This includes updates and email support. No hidden charges or limitations!

How does it work?

  • Enter dimensions of shelves and then import product data from an Excel spreadsheet

  • Build a planogram for your assortment by simply "dragging and dropping" products onto the shelves

  • Determine how to improve the layout by using powerful built-in analyses (available in the Enterprise edition)

  • Evaluate financial performance of the planogram by simply exporting reports to Excel

  • Send the planogram to a store in PDF format after enclosing necessary instructions

Would you like to increase profit from your shelf space?

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